Street Art

Workshops, demonstrations and creation in;

Graffiti artwork, caricatures, canvases, bedrooms, vehicles and mural work.

Street Dance

Workshops and performances in;

Breakdance and Streetdance.

Street Music

Workshops and performances in;

Beatbox, Creative Performance Writing, DJ, MC, Turntablism.


We specialise in mural work!

Mural work is our street art specialty. We have the ability to adapt to your needs whether it be traditional graffiti, vehicles, insects, portraits, landscapes and beyond.

Please check our gallery which demonstrates our diversity.

Have you ever wanted to head spin?

Ever wanted to be that cool person at the party or in the club? or just generally get fit in a more fun way? We can you get there with our specialised Breakdance workshops!

We can adapt to your group requirements whether it be age, gender or other needs.

Breakdance Class

Ask us what we can do for you!

Still unsure? Still have a question on how one of our services can work for you? If what you see on our site doesn't quite meet your needs, get in touch with our one our friendly staff who will be more than willing to help you.