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Street Arts Hire has produced murals for organisations as diverse as local government, international companies and charities. However, we believe that everyone deserves beautiful art and we continue to undertake private commissions from small intimate works to huge murals. 

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Street arts hire use a team of artists to create bespoke artwork solutions to suit any space, our team has in excess of 25 years combined experience in graffiti and street art forms.  We offer a complete solution from consultation, logistics, materials and any other requirements needed.  Our extensive portfolio demonstrates different styles covering cartoon, realism, lettering, logo reproduction and more for a variety of customers from individuals, public, educational and corporate clients.

Examples we have completed before but not limited to are; Bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, schools, office spaces, vehicles and beyond. Anything is possible!

Street arts hire have great experience working with schools to turn plain spaces into inspirational and interactive works of art. We can inject life into any blank area covering walls, ceilings and floors whether creating a walk through the jungle, a dive under the sea, a trip through space... we can bring your imagination to life.

Our school murals incite excitement and inspiration to children's learning environments, helping them achieve more!

Street arts hire art workshops are a great product for birthday parties, corporate events and team building activities with a difference.  We offer 2 standard street art workshop products; 

Canvas workshop - This is our most popular workshop with schools and younger groups.  Our street art professional will guide the group in creating individual street art canvases which can then be taken home or used as part of a display.

Mural workshop - Our street art professional can lead a group through planning, concept designs to final mural creation. 

Street arts hire live!  Leave your guests mesmerised of as they watch a masterpiece unfold in front of their eyes. Whether hosting an event or festival, we can provide a solution that creates that unique talking point, why not have our team create something special for you?

Street Music for hire

Street arts hire’s music team have competed in national competitions, performed to the queen, collabrated with Bassment Jaxx aswell as working within the education sector and charities. We specialise in beatbox where the mouth is used to create vocal percussion, combining technology such as loop pedals to create layered beats and sounds. Today beatbox is highly versatile and collaborated with music instruments, orchestras, vocal training, live looping, all playing the roll as drums. Learn to beatbox with the best at a Street Arts Hire workshop.

  • Cymatic Workshop
  • Beatbox Workshop
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Street arts hire's unique Cymatic workshops allows us to adventure into the sacred geometry of sound. We have developed a method that allows us to visualise and explore patterns of our voice. Using specialised equipment students are able to capture the images of moving vibrations of the human voice. We are then able to create pieces of geometric art using these sounds that they have produced throughout the workshop. We can then present this to each student as a personal framed piece of vocal cymatic art. This aids as a visual reminder of their experience and also encourages them to explore their voice further, combining music, art and Science.  This workshop is designed in a versatile way so that students are able to access different learning styles to help them get the most out of the experience. It can be delivered in one day or over a bespoke programme created to address the customers particular needs.  This is a diverse and inclusive workshop that is accessible to all students of age and abilities.  


Non verbal cymatic workshops 

Street arts hire offer interactive workshops designed specifically for non verbal students with minimal communication. Combining science and art, our practitioners have a process which allows all people with communication difficulties to create a art using their voice. Each student will engage with a practitioner and will undergo exercises of the vocals to capture visual artwork.  We use cymatic processing which resonates sound through water and light reflection.  Once our practitioners have recorded the sounds we are able to create geometric shapes from the resignation of the sound wave and print the images created. 

Street arts hire offers beatbox workshops which deliver full vocal exercised sessions concentrating on engagement and creativity with students of all abilities and additional needs. Our team has over 10 years professional experience and training working with local authorities supporting communities to encourage creative projects. 

All our workshops have confidence building exercises, technical ability training exploring human beatbox as a percussive instrument.  Students can expect to create a piece of music solely from the human voice working as a team or one to one.  We use modern technology to enable students to explore their artistic creativity using microphones and recording devices, enabling students to express themselves musically.

Street arts hire's music production workshop is designed to introduce people of all ages into the ever growing world of beat making and live performance by showcasing a brief glimpse into the infinite possibilities it can provide. Focused mainly on music production whilst touching on many other aspects, such as DJ-ing, midi controls, sampling etc, we aim to explore as many avenues as the particular class wish to discover, which means each session is tailored to the needs of the class. Each session will involve the creation of a piece of music, which will involve the students at every step of the way using a wide range of equipment, along side our practitioner with over 15 years experience with Ableton Live.

Street arts hire live!  

Breakdance Street dance UK

Street Dance for hire

B-boys and B-girls first developed this athletic dance form to a soundtrack of DJ Kool Herc’s breakbeats over four decades ago. Despite the complexity of the art, Street Arts Hire can help people of all abilities to experience breaking and perfect their signature moves.

  • Taster Workshop
  • Programme Workshop
  • Entertainment

Street arts hire breakdance workshops are a fantastic and fun activity which boast a wealth of benefits such as; building self confidence, being creative, co-operating and working with others, learning body co-ordination, stamina and fitness.

Our taster workshops are great as in introduction to breakdance, youth clubs activities, school holiday programmes and beyond.

Street arts hire breakdance workshops are a fantastic and fun activity which boast a wealth of benefits such as; building self confidence, being creative, co-operating and working with others, learning body co-ordination, stamina and fitness.

Beginner (4-12 week programme) - This is first level of the journey, to learn the basics of the dance – musicality, rhythm and basic movements. Allowing the students to be free in the moment.

Intermediate (4-12 week programme) - Intermediate level of  dance required, students are now able to push themselves, perform basic choreography – expanding on concepts musicality, rhythm and basic movements power moves and freezes.

Advanced (8-12 week programme) - Students have mastered the basics and its time to step it all up and put all that you have learned on display.  Students are now able to push themselves, work together, group choreography – expanding on concepts musicality, rhythm and basic movements power moves and freezes.

These can be completed on a 1-1 basis or as a group.

Street arts hire live!

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